Seminars and Counseling

Ruth Markowitz, MALP

Saint Paul, Minnesota

About Ruth

Ruth Markowitz has been in  private practice since 1985.  She has worked with individuals, couples and with groups.  She works with people of all orientations over the age of 18. She has lead many workshops in a variety of areas. They include workshops on  sexual healing from abuse, sexuality and the formerly married, sexuality and aging and women's sexuality. She has  also lead fear of flying weekend seminars and has flown with over 1000 fearful flyers.  She currently conducts the Spouse Loss Groups at Our Lady of Peace Hospice as a volunteer and is doing  Women, Aging and Friendship workshops in  her private practice.  She is said to be direct, creative  and warm. 

Current Programs

Women, Aging and Friendship


A seminar series exploring the intersection between aging and friendship for women 55 and over. Various learning modalities including experiential exercises, poetry, mindfulness and group discussions will be used. Formats include monthly, weekly and bi-weekly sessions. Email for more information.

Fear of Flying


This program includes 3 individual counseling/educational sessions. This is followed by a group session with an experienced pilot. Together you, Ruth and other fearful flyers can have all your technical questions answered. 

Starting Over: After a Long-Term Relationship Ends


This seminar series is for people who have ended a long-term relationship  (as you define that) through divorce or death.  Using various learning modalities, we will explore sexuality, intimacy, grief and future planning. All orientations welcome.

Private Practice Psychotherapy


Individual ,Couple and Sex Therapy (All Orientations)

  • Certified Sex Therapist
  • EMDR Trained
  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Trained
  • Specialist in End-of-Life Issues

Areas of Practice: anxiety reduction, fear of flying, depression, relationship issues, sexual repercussions of abuse, post traumatic stress, sex therapy, grief and end of life. 


Contact Ruth

Or call 651-222-5457 for more information

Ruth Markowitz MALP